Click Here for St. Patrick's Prayer - Image by Michael O'Neill McGrath, OSFS

Image of Saint Patrick by Michael O'Neill McGrath
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JULY 29, 2018
Parish Website
Fr. Papa Rao Pasala
Parish Bookkeeper
Dan Van Schoiack
Parish Coordinator
Janet Greenup
Parish Secretaries
Laurie L Wood, Ashley Lindsay & Stefanie Sweeney
St. Patrick's Catholic Church Schedule:
Monday, July 30
8:00 am Holy Mass
For special intentions
Tuesday, July 31
8:00 am Holy Mass
For special intentions
Wednesday, August 1
12:05 pm Holy Mass
For special intentions
Thursday, August 2
8:00 am Holy Mass
For the Family of Larry & Corrine Lindsay
Friday, August 3
6.45 am
7:30 am Holy Mass
Men's Bible Study
For the Family of Larry & Corrine Lindsay
Saturday, August 4
4:15 pm - 4:30 pm
Sacrament of Reconciliation
5:00 pm
Vigil Holy Mass
Holy Mass Servers:
Larry Lutcher, Jullianna & Kellan Joyce
Eucharistic Ministers:
Corrine Lindsay & Shanny Miller
Mary Haguewood
Lois Connor
Sunday, August 5
9:45 am
No Religious Education
11:00 am
Holy Mass
Holy Mass Servers:
Corey Sweeney, Delaynee Angell & Jace Coe
Eucharistic Ministers:
Gayle Arbogast & Sheridan Tarnasky
Dan Van Schoiack
Judie Laughlin
St. William's Catholic Church Schedule:
Friday, August 3
5:30 pm Holy Mass
Anson Fairbank by Jim & Monica Swanson
Sunday, August 5
8:30 am
Sacrament of Reconciliation
8:45 am Holy Mass
No Religious Education following Holy Mass
Holy Mass Servers:
Cecilia McElligott & Alexis Ramirez
Eucharistic Minister:
Maureen McElligott
Josh Coiner
St. Patrick's Committee - August - 2018
Mary Haguewood, Jean Ann Adams, Sharon Lewis & Sandra Blake.
St. Patrick's Sunday Coffee Hour:
July 29 - Simple Summer Sunday: Jean Adams & Rita Van Schoiack
August 5 - Simple Summer Sunday: Lois Connor
August 12 - No coffer hour **Volunteers welcome**
The 2018 Bishop’s Annual Appeal, Sharing Our Faith: The goal for St. Patrick’s parish is $5,760.00
($5250.00/91.15% has been pledged) and the goal for St. William’s parish is $2,617.00 ($1800.00/68.78% has
been pledged). The envelopes available in the vestibule. You can mail them directly to the diocese or you can put
in the collection basket.

Father has given sincere thanks to John Murray & Family for doing the extra yard work at the church and the
parish hall to keep the church surroundings clean and green.

The Holy Name Golf Fun Day is on Saturday, August 11th at 8:30 am (please arrive by 8:00 am). All are welcome
to participate, men, women and children. It will be a 9 hole scramble event with 2 to 4 person teams. If you
don’t have a team, please come and we will ensure you get put on one. Cost to enter is $30 a meal and
refreshments will be provided. Proceeds go towards the Catholic student scholarship fund provided annually by
the St. Patrick’s & St. William’s Holy Name Society. For more information please contact Mark McElligott.

2018 Symposium of Evangelization & Catechesis LOVE, KNOW AND SHARE: Friday - Sunday, August 10 - 12 at
Diocese of Baker Retreat Center. For registration and cost please visit Diocese of Baker Website: <>. Application forms are available. Those who would
like to attend please contact:
       - For St. Patrick’s: Ashley Lindsay (Director of Religious Education) or Laurie Wood (Youth Minister).
       - For St. William’s: Jeri McElligott (Director of Religious Education).

NOTICE: If anyone wants to send a message for the bulletin, please send the message by Thursday night to the
church email address.

For those willing to host a Simple Summer Coffee hour please sign-up. The sign-up sheet is available in the

PRAYER REQUESTS: PRAY FOR: June Crowell; Darlene Martin; Brian Rietmann; Peggy Michel; Tom Pointer;
Norma French; Martha Munkers; Phyllis Piper; Marty Brannon; Liz Allen’ family; Anson Fairbank; Ron Currin Sr.;
Faye Seitz; Terra Adams; Mark Schlichting; Jan Coe; Keith Haskins & family; Trish Huddleston; Mike Monahan;
Dominick Monahan; Lonnie Rill; Joseph Healy; Levi Mariet; Brian Sweeney; Loretta Woods; Jim Rice; Mary
Zimmerman; Keaton & Kim Haskall; Germain Isahia; Rich Zita; Jack Tarnasky; Nancy Hoffman; Ben Doherty; Lou
Amadoro;  Mary & David Budde; Gene Doherty; Dr. Dick Temple; Pray for the intentions of our Holy Father, our
bishop and the diocese.
"A great prophet has risen in our midst.
God has visited his people."
Luke 7:16
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Image of Saint Patrick by Michael O'Neill McGrath
St. Patrick - Click Here for St. Patrick's Prayer
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