PRAYER REQUESTS: Please include these parishioners; relatives of parishioners;
and community members in your daily prayers: The family of Susan Johnston;
Anson Fairbanks and family; Faye Seitz; Mark Schlichting; Paul McElligott,  Brian
Sweeney;  Jan Coe; Trish Huddleston; Mike Lott; Mike Monahan; Dominick
Monahan; Lonnie Rill; Joseph Healy; Levi Mariet; Loretta Woods; Mary
Zimmerman; Shanny Miller; Jim Rice; Carla Morter; Keaton & Kim Haskall; 
Sebastian Hayes; Sylvia Alvarez; Germain Isahia; Claudio Lima; Sadie Haff; Rich
Zita; Jack Tarnasky; Nancy Hoffman; Ben Doherty; Lou Amadoro; Betty McDonald; 
Mary & David Budde; Gene Doherty; Bishop Liam Cary and The Baker Diocese:

May God strengthen them and their families in their time of need.
Click Here for St. Patrick's Prayer - Image by Michael O'Neill McGrath, OSFS
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Image of Saint Patrick by Michael O'Neill McGrath

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